Ideally suited for harsh chemical +corrosive media and environments.

Anti-Bacteria option to reduce bacteria build-up.

Sizes: 1/2; 3/4; 1" NPT F    

Temp.max: 120 C°(1Bar)  Max Press.: 3 to 5 Bar   Actuator Press: 4-6 Bar

Features: *1 Piece PTFE Body  *Optimum Anti-Corrosion Design 

*Hi-Temp Applications  *Full Media Isolation


 IN-LINE DIAPHRAGM VALVE (2 Ways* Pneumat. Operated)


All wetted PTFE flow path with a diaphragm design for ultra pure service.
Inline flow path reducing cavity corners & dead spots
The AB Option (not shown) significantly reduces potential of bacteria buildup
and maintain a consistent flow via an independent adjustable mechanism.

Ends Sizes: 1/2 3/4 NPT F *Max Temp.: 140 C° *Max Press.: 3 Bar

DILUTION DRAIN VALVE (Water Press. Operated)

       Tank draining

-Ideal for cooling and diluting solutions while draining

-Designed to shut off the drain automatically if the water flow is interrupted (Fail Safe Design)

-Fits tanks with 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 main drain ports

-Operating Temp.Range: 0 C° to 140 C°

 PTFE Air & Liquid Aspirators


Manufactured from virgin PTFE and designed for fast +efficient siphoning of hard to handle chemicals.

Air Aspirator uses clean dry shop air or Nitrogen to initiate and sustain a forced siphon. Applications include draining + mixing of containment vessels.

Liquid Aspirators use common city water or DI Water to aspirate and dilute harsh chemical baths. Typical use is dilution siphoning of Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) used for chemical cleaning.



Fully adjustable within a 0,7> 6 Bar range by Hex adjust.Screw.

1/4*3/8*1/2 NPT-F ends       Material options: *Polypr. *PVDF



It protects press gauge or other press.sensor from corrosive media+ prevents ultra-pure liquids contamination.

*End Sizes:1/8 *1/4 NPT