DISK CHECK VALVES  Non return valve PVDF

DISC CHECK VALVE Polyprop.-white 1/4 NPT-Fe ends
Disc with seat suitable for O-ring
SS Spring (or Hastelloy option)
O-Ring inViton (or Kalrez with extra price)
Wide flow section for higher flowrates.
Works in any position, also without spring
*Cracking Press:0,03Bar*Max Press: 9 Bar *Max Temp: 60 C° Sizes: L=51 mm Ex=24 mm

Other Sizes:
1 /4 NPT(Ex.24mm L=51mm)
3 /8 NPT(Ex.24mm L=51mm)
1 /2 NPT(Ex.28mm L=63 mm)
3 /4 NPT(Ex.35mm L=63 mm



*Hastelloy Spring *Viton Seal.*Max Press.:9 Bar
*Max Temp.60 C° *Cracking Press: 0,2 Bar
Ends         Orifice        Sizes      
         1/4NPT        11mm       L=51mm Ex 24mm
         1/2NPT       16mm       L=63mm Ex28mm

                                                                                                                                        CHECK VALVES Stainless Steel BALL



Max Press: 9 Bar  Max Temp: 60 C°
SS Spring +Ball
O-Ring: Buna
Cracking Press. : 0,1 Bar
Sizes: Lenght:55mm  Diam:25 mm
 PP Check Valve barbed ends:
1/8IDBarbed diam3x4,4mm
SS Spring + Ball
Cracking Press.:0,07 bar
Max Press: 9 Bar
Outer Diam: 13 mm
Lenght: 35mm 


CHECK VALVE PVDF Teflon Ball +Hastelloy Spring

PVDF Check valve 1/4 NPT male
Teflon ball+ Hastelloy spring +O-Ring Viton
Cracking Press: 0,2 Bar(std)
Hole bore: 5 mm

Other available sizes:
3/8NPT L= 38mm Ex= 20,5 mm Hole bore 6mm
1/2NPT L= 45mm Ex= 23 mm Hole bore 9mm


Black PVDF Check Valve
Teflon Ball+Hastelloy Spring+Viton Oring

Ends suitable for 6mm OD tubing
PVDF 6mm OD Nuts
Max Press: 9 Bar Max Temp: 60 C°
Crack Pressure: 0,14 Bar

Sizes: Lenght:85 mm Exag. 22 mm




Code VK7PPBR0202V

Polyprop. Diaphr. check. *Zero Cracking Press.

Barbed ends for 1/8ID tubing
> Barbed Diam: 3mm x4,4mm <
*Viton Diaphragm
*Max Press9 Bar
*Outer Diam: 20 mm *L: 33 mm *Body thikness: 7mm

Code VK7KYBR0303V

PVDF Diaphr. check.
*Zero Cracking Press.
Barbed ends for 3/16 ID tubing
> Barbed Diam: 4,7mm x 6,4mm <
*Viton Diaphragm
*Max Press9 Bar
*Outer Diam: 20 mm *L: 42 mm *Body thikness: 7mm