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To get clean water.

at different purity levels.

Water softening (osmosis), for civil or domestic potable water and others.
For laboratories or Pharmaceutical industries (ultra clean water)  
For Hospitals (for emodyalisys systems)
ECA (Electro chemical activation):a method based on water + salt  solution electrolysis to get water activated (Anolyte) for a chemicals-free disinfection.
Chlorine Dyoxide (CLO2) generators: used for water disinfection against “Legionella” dangerous bacteria. The chemical reaction using also acid requires our PVDF JACO fittings.
OZONE Generators:  Ozone gas (O3) is a strong oxidant having full  bactericide action.  It allows an ecological method to disinfect water or ambient air ( food industry) Our PVDF Jaco fittings are suitable with Ozone.